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Events pic-min.jpg OneLife events management organizes events on a plug-and-play basis. These events are valuable moments; opportunities of conversations where our clients gain first-hand critical feedback from their customers. These conversations range from just sharing and learning to strategic conversations, whichever, our clients come out understanding their customers’ needs better. Based on these, they are able to create their communications-cum-marketing strategies.

 With our event management, we ensure that all the events we do are well executed and memorable. OneLife event management services include:

- Event Design

- Event Concept Development

- Logistics Management

- Pre-Registration and RSVP Management

- Stakeholder Coordination and Management

We are specialists in the execution of Meetings/ Congresses / Conferences / Summits, Exhibitions / Expos, Competitions, Concerts, Cocktails, etc.


Corporate Networking Event

Nov / 17 / 2017

Come drink, eat and network with us

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