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“OneLife – Zambia’s leading Communications and Events Agency”

OneLife is a communications and events agency providing full scale marketing, advertising, branding and events services. We pride ourselves with the ability and skill to consistently deliver successful outcomes for clients through compelling creative and aggressive strategies. We believe in research-based recommendations, close tracking wherever possible and exceptional creative work.



Alive Festival is a grand gospel festival bringing together major local and international gospel artists.

The women summit is a place of fun and dialogue,women having fun yet thought-provoking event where women can be enlightened and receive new knowledge & inspiration, by seriously engaging each other and actively listening to each other stories.

In order to win this socio-economic battle of countries, the ImpEx is asking Africans to collaborate so to shift their national economic development from being a socio-political issue to being a marketing or business challenge.

As a communications company, OneLife understand that to gain the initial communications that will set parties on a path to developing trust between them its best done directly, in person.


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Chatewa Dominic

Chatewa Dominic

Radio Personality, Radio Christian voice

"The OneLife Team is professional, friendly and exhibited a clear knowledge and understanding of what they do. Their event venue environment is serene, secure and easy to locate. The team seems genuinely united in purpose."